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    Micro Personal Tracker – TMT250

    £ 49.80 inc. VAT (£ 41.50 exc. VAT)
    • Versatile and compact GPS tracker
    • Real-time tracking and full history log
    • Up to 3 days battery between charges
    • Geofence alerts
    • Safety alerts
    • Arrives ready to use

    The TMT250 is a micro personal tracker with GNSS (GPS) and GSM connectivity from VigiTech Solutions. This tiny tracker is designed for real-time tracking of children, employees and pets. The IP67 waterproof case ensures outside usage in harsh conditions, the large battery‘s capacity expands application range where long battery lifetime is needed.

    Employees / Lone Workers

    As an employer, you have a responsibility for your lone workers safety. This compact tracker can be attached to your employees belt, giving you accurate location tracking. The tracker can alert you if there is a period of time when the employee doesn’t move, indicating that they may have fallen or be injured. The panic button can be used to discreetly alert supervisors that there is something wrong.


    Keep track of your children’s movement – receive immediate notifications if they leave allowed areas or when they arrive at certain places. Your children can use the panic button to discreetly alert you if they are in danger.


    Dog keeps going missing or wondering off for hours at a time? Attach the TMT250 to their collar with the collar holster and get notified if they leave your garden. Follow them in real time to help locate them.


    Panic Button

    A big alarm button can save your life in the event of an accident, fall or in a case of emergency.

    Immediate notification through our tracking platform via SMS, Mail or App Notification, including the exact location that the button was pressed.



    Used to detect employees, elderly people and lone workers falling down. TMT250 can monitor user’s vertical and horizontal position without any button press and immediately activate an alarm if configured position is changed.

    Geofence Alerts

    For children, mark out their route to / from school or permitted places – get alerted when the arrive and leave and if they deviate from the permitted route.

    No-Nonsense Tracking Subscription

    No hidden costs, no top-ups with our all inclusive tracking subscription

    • Track people and pets live from our web portal or mobile phone apps
    • Optional Belt / Collar holster available
    • Everything included to have you tracking within minutes
    • Ready to use out of the box
    • Battery life up to 3 days of live tracking between charges.


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