Trackers – Not Just For Vehicles

Here at VigiTech Solutions, we are always working together with our customers and finding new use cases for the trackers that we supply, for a variety of different reasons. Trackers don’t just have to be installed in vehicles or plant, we have customers using them to monitor their employees, traffic lights, off-grid solar systems, boats and much more.


Our personal trackers are perfect for a variety of applications, including –

  • Lone workers
  • Children
  • Personal Safety

These can not only be used as safety devices, so that you can keep track of the location of venerable people /  children. Recent case studies have shown that employees with personal trackers are more productive and take fewer unauthorised breaks.

Pets with Trackers


As any pet owner will know, it’s very distressing if a much loved fury member of the family disappears. 

Have they been stolen? Have they taken themselves for a walk? Have they got themselves locked in next door’s shed?

While our trackers can’t prevent your loved ones being stolen, they can help answer questions of where they last were.

Our TMT250 tracker is very compact and is well suited to slipping on the collar of dogs, cats, horses, pigs, lama’s or whatever animals you keep. The realtime tracking app and web portal can send you instant notifications if they leave your property, as well as being able to follow them if the wander off.

Voltage Monitoring

All of our hard wired trackers have accurate voltage monitoring and reporting built in. This means that they can prove to be a very cost effective way of keeping track of the voltage of a wide variety of equipment.

Recent examples include mobile traffic lights and off-grid solar systems.

Traffic Lights

If you own a fleet of mobile traffic lights, you will be well aware of the issues surrounding battery voltages and the risk of batteries being stolen. When the battery voltage in the traffic light drops below a certain level then the lights will stop working or get stuck. Our solution can make it significantly easier to manage your fleet by giving real-time reporting on your lights battery voltages. Our live voltage screen shows the location of the lights along with their current voltage. We can send out immediate alerts via SMS, email or App notification if the voltage drops below the set threshold or if the battery is disconnected.


Off-Grid solar is becoming increasingly popular to power all sorts of equipment in remote locations, from CCTV systems to electric gates. Our trackers can accurately monitor the battery voltages in your off-grid  solar systems to ensure that they are performing as you expect and that you’re not hitting any dead spots. Setup alerts to keep you informed if your solar system drops below a certain voltage or if it is tampered with.

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