New Products – Ultra Compact OBD

VigiTech Solutions are proud to be the first in the UK to supply the eagerly awaited, ultra compact FMB020 and FMB003 range of plug-in Trackers.

Ultra-small from the outside, yet so powerful inside – our breakthrough trackers are opening brand new possibilities. These 2G, GNSS and BLE 4.0 connection devices combine the best experience we have gathered over the years of working in Telematics business and something very new and fresh.

FMB003 – tracker dedicated to OBD applications of next generation

FMB003 is born to be a best-seller. Main feature of this device is its possibility to read OEM parameters (PIDs) via OBD port. With this device you will be able to read Real Odometer and Real Fuel Level data. More to that, device comes with supported vehicles and data list, so you need to guess no more, you will know what data you can read from specific vehicle.

FMB020 – Smart and practical OBD solution

FMB020 is the best choice, in case you are looking for more basic solution than suggested above. However, do not be mistaken, FMB002 still contains rich feature set – small, easy to install, includes great variety of scenarios, supports BLE 4.0 functionality, crash detection based on accelerometer data and more.

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