New Product – CANBUS Immobiliser

VigiTech are very excited to announce the addition of the Teltonika CANBUS Control module with Immobiliser.

This tracker add-on module quickly transforms your Teltonika tracker into an advanced immobiliser. This is far more effective than previous methods of immobilization, using relays to cut fuel or starter lines, as it uses the tracker to remotely lock the engine’s ECU, crucially it then needs the tracker to tell the ECU to unlock – this cannot be overridden by simply cutting the connection between the tracker and the ECU.

Full product demonstration and further information to follow soon.

Control features

  1. Central lock control
  2. Turn signal control
  3. Comfort closure (Central locking, Windows, Power folding mirrors)
  4. Trunk release
  5. Factory alarm management
  6. Control central lock when ignition is on

CAN bus data

  1. Total fuel consumption
  2. Fuel level (Dashboard) — Fuel level – percent or Fuel level – Liters
  3. Vehicle mileage — Vehicle mileage from dashboard or Vehicle mileage counted (from adapter installation)
  4. Door status — Front left door, Front right door, Rear right door, Rear left door, Trunk cover, Engine cover (hood)
  5. Engine speed (RPM)
  6. Oil pressure/level status
  7. Engine temperature
  8. Vehicle speed
  9. Accelerator pedal position
  10. VIN number
  11. Lights status (Parking, Dipped, Full beam, Front/Rear fog lights)
  12. CNG level
  13. Total CNG consumption
  14. Engine is working on CNG status
  15. AND MORE…

Electric vehicles CAN bus data

  1. Charging cable status
  2. Charging status
  3. Battery level
  4. Vehicle range on battery

* Number of features depends on vehicle model, year and equipment.

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