Security Trackers

When you’re looking to protect your asset and have the best chance of recovery if stolen, there are three key things you should look for in a tracker.

  • Long lasting battery – thieves will generally disconnect the vehicle battery to try to disable any tracker that is installed. If you have a hardwired tracker, ensure it has a high capacity backup battery to give you a chance of locating the vehicle if stolen
  • Hide anywhere – you want to make the thieves hunt for the tracker as difficult as possible. Choose a tracker that has a high IP rating and install it somewhere un-expected, such as under the vehicle, behind the bumper or behind a light.
  • Immune to scanners – thieves often scan a vehicle they have stolen within a mile or so of where it was taken from to try to locate a tracker. Ideally pick a tracker with long gaps between updates – although you won’t see in realtime where the vehicle is, the thieves won’t be able to sniff out your tracker.

The below trackers are our top picks for security purposes, covering at least two of the above points.

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